After creating some code we started today our homepage. It comes as blog and is completly managed via github as we like most of githubs features a lot. What can you expect here. Beside blog posts to our projects and how to work on it we think we spot on other interesting topics we encouter in our daily work.



We know that there are many other blogs in the wild. We hope that we can provide a value added blog for you. And we are open for topics from the community. This mean that you can simply contribute to by forking this the underlying repository, write your story and create a PR. You can also request for a topic via issue feature of github, so we can decide to create the content by ourselves or we can left the issue open and looking for contributors if we don’t familar with the requested topic.

Bugs and mistakes

As nobody is perfect we hope that you report a bug if we have mistakes or not fully correct facts in our blog posts. Here we also prefer the default github workflow. Open a bug, we assign it to a developer and we will fix the issue. We think this the best way to provide a permanent good quality in our posts.