Communication and Community Guidelines

We provide a variety ways to get in touch with us. The following guidelines apply for all ways of interaction with users and developers.

  • be nice: Treat people with respect and consideration
  • be helpful: Be patient and willingly to answer any kind of question
  • be patient: People have different priorities so allow people time to answer questions
  • on-topic: Don’t drift away from the topic as often as possible
  • use search: Check first if there was already a discussion about the topic of your question. If not go further and ask.

The list of rules can extended related to the selected channel.

(Thanks to the Foreman Guidelines for the original document)

github organization

All our project are organised in a github organization. Here we provide issue tracking and forums for each project. So the organization should be the first starting point to get in touch with developers and maintainers.

github issues

To report found bugs or ideas for our projects we provide issue templates for Bug reports and Reature request. With these templates we guarantee a formal way of reporting such kind of issues. Please provide all requested information as a minimum. All extra information are welcome.

github discussion

In all of our projects we use the github discussion system to provide a way to have discussion with users and developers. Discussion persists and grouped in this media so others get the chance to read it later.

discord server

We started a discord server to provide real-time help. It would be nice to see you soon there.

For questions of using our software we provide a channel per project. If you want to or you already contribute to one or more projects feel free to raise questions in #contributors channel.

For discussion about articles you can use #blog channel. Feel free to drop ideas for new blog posts there also.

Real time chat Guidelines

In addition to the general guidelines above, we also have a few RTC-specific guidelines:

  • Don’t post unformatted chunks: Avoid posting big chunks of post commands + there output or pieces of code as unformatted text - use codeblocks with a language specified. Likewise, try not to spam the channel with a ton of unformatted messages, it breaks the flow of other conversations.
  • Don’t private message: Ask permission before you send someone a private message (PM). Not everyone likes them. Also, by keeping it in public, others with similar issues can see the solution you were given.
  • Don’t highlight specific people unless you are already discussing something with them. Highlighting a specific user with your opening question makes it far less likely others will respond.

(Thanks to the Puppet Labs IRC Guidelines for the original document)


Feel free to follow us on Mastodon. We try tweet there more or less interesting stuff besides codeaffen content.